TPD Crime Reports: October 9, 2013

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Tallahassee Police Department

Please note: Many of the cases posted are considered “open” and are currently being investigated by TPD. Because of this, the information contained in these posts will be limited in nature as TPD’s top priority is for a timely resolution of the cases and to bring closure for those involved. This is also a “snapshot” of cases and should not be treated as a “complete list.”

Hit & Run - Apalachee Pkwy & Calhoun St. / 4:34 pm
Vehicle 2 (V-2) was traveling eastbound on Apalachee Parkway in the inside lane. Vehicle 1 (V-1) was was also traveling eastbound on Apalachee Parkway in the outside lane. V-1 tried to merge into the inside lane directly in front of V-2. This caused V-2 to swerve to the left and strike a tree in the median causing V-2 to flip. D-2 was taken to the hospital by ambulance for minor injuries. Department of Transportation was on scene and notified about the damaged tree. The Parkway was shut down for 30 minutes while the tow truck removed the vehicle from the roadway.
Driver #2 -W/F

Passing Counterfeit Currency – 3483 & 3479 Thomasville Rd. / 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Suspect entered the Hobby Lobby and CVS on Thomasville Road and made a purchase with a counterfeit bill. Suspects then returned later and ask for a refund on the merchandise which he had purchased. Suspect was driving a burgundy Chevy Impala.
Suspect- Black Male

A.W.O.L Subject San Luis & San Miguel /2:30am
While on a separate calls for service, Officer Fallis and Officer Mordica were approached by a subject who was extremely intoxicated. He advised that he was A.W.O.L from the military. A records check revealed no Warrant or Federal Detainer for being A.W.O.L. The subject was placed under a Marchman Act due to his extreme level of intoxication and delivered to the proper facility. TPD was contacted a short time later by the military and advised that the subject was A.W.O.L and requested us to hold the defendant until Security Police could arrive and take custody of him. TPD is currently guarding the defendant at the receiving facility until the military Security Police arrive.
Subject: B/M

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