TPD Crime Reports: September 27, 2013

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From the Tallahassee Police Department:

Please note: Many of the cases posted are considered “open” and are currently being investigated by TPD. Because of this, the information contained in these posts will be limited in nature as TPD’s top priority is for a timely resolution of the cases and to bring closure for those involved.

Damaged Property (City Property) / Wahnish Way at intersection of Gamble St / 10:30pm
A Star Metro driver advised one of the windows on the bus he was driving had been shattered. The driver siad he had just left a stop and was attempting to merge back into the lane when he heard a loud noise. He walked through the inside of the bus and did not notice anything. He then walked around the exterior of the bus when he noticed that the second window on the driver’s side was shattered. It was being held together by the graphic wrap. There was no sign of anything striking the window. Star Metro Supervisor reviewed the video from the bus and stated that nothing hit the window. She also stated that the window must have been deteriorated and that was possibly the cause for the shattering of the glass.

Suspicious Incident – 2721 Setter Place / 2:14 pm
Complainant saw suspect punching a pit bulldog in the head after the dog had ran off. When complainant said something to the suspect she was told to mind her own business. Suspect left but later returned to the scene. Officers responded back to the scene with Leon County Animal Control. The dog was checked and did not have any visible injury. Suspect said he had grabbed the dog and picked him up, but he had not punched the dog.
*If you have any information about this case, please call TPD at (850) 606-5800.

Baker Act - 720 Coble Dr. / 5:39 pm
Officers responded in reference to the patient calling 911 for help. On scene a verbal argument was heard and the patient was located with an injured nose. Investigation determined the patient has been off her medication and was experiencing irrational mood behaviors and fits of anger. Her behavior had worsened the last two weeks and today she lost control. The patient attempted to attack one of her roommates, who held her back by pushing her slightly, causing the patient to lose her balance and fall. The patient stated she wanted to "hurt" the roommate for yelling. The patient was taken into protective custody.
Patient – White Female

13-24781 False 911 Calls, Trespassing - 2752 W. Pensacola St. / 8:10 pm
Ms. Singletary called 911 multiple times throughout the day stating there were deceased persons in the woods. Upon inspection of the area she indicated, no evidence of deceased persons were discovered. Singletary was told not to call 911 again but she continued to do so. Singletary was placed under arrest.
Arrestee - Susan Singletary, W/F, 05/02/57

13-24782 Baker Act - 824 Putnam Dr. / 8:26 pm
Officers responded in reference to patient having increased episodes of irrational behavior. He is considered bipolar and has been stressed out lately with relationship and legal issues. On scene he stated he needed help. He was taken into protective custody and transported to TMPC.
Patient –Black Male

13-24784 Child Custody Dispute - 2879 Jim Lee Rd. / 9:29 pm
Mother of child called and requested police assistance in retrieving her one year old child from his father's residence. Father had picked his son up from daycare today as he normally does. Parents have had an ongoing argument this week. As a result, the father stated their son would be staying the night with him, contrary to their previous agreement. There is no court ordered custody agreement in place. The child's welfare was not in question and no criminal behavior had occurred. Both parties were advised of their legal remedies.