TPD Promotion Ceremony

By: Alicia Turner
July 14, 2014

Family and friends filled city commission chambers to watch two members of the Tallahassee Police Department get promoted.

Darrell Furuseth started at TPD in 1990 and Audrey Smith started in 1988.

Furuseth will go from being a Captain to the Deputy Chief of Police serving as the right hand to the Chief of the Police Michael Deleo.

Smith is being promoted from Captain to Major.

After they were read their duties by chief Deleo the families of Smith and Furuseth pinned their badges on them.

"I'm humbled and honored just to have this position, at this point and I look forward to serving this community and this organization in this position," said Furuseth.

Smith said, "I've always had dreams and aspirations of moving up into the management of the organization so everything that I've done throughout my career has prepared me for this moment."

Both Smith and Furuseth will begin their new duties tomorrow.

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