TPD Sergeant Demoted after Conduct During Traffic Stop

By Julie Montanaro
August 25, 2014

TPD's David McCranie has been demoted from sergeant to officer in the wake of an internal affairs investigation into his conduct during a traffic stop back in May, according to TPD Spokesman David Northway.

McCranie was off duty and in his own personal vehicle at the time.

An internal affairs report released last week sustained allegations of dishonesty and conduct unbecoming an officer against McCranie.

The internal affairs report says McCranie was stopped by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on May 23rd. The trooper said McCranie screamed at him while driving by and proceeded to run two red lights downtown.

The internal affairs report indicates the trooper pulled a gun on McCranie during the ensuing traffic stop, because McCranie got out of his car with his hand behind his back.

The trooper yelled at McCranie, "Get your hand out of your pocket and turn around." McCranie complied and told the trooper he was a cop.

McCranie ultimately performed two field sobriety exercises, the internal affairs report says. Four troopers agreed there was not probable cause to arrest him for DUI, the internal affairs report said.

The internal affairs report found that McCranie did not abuse his position as a police sergeant and did not ask for leniency or special favors. It found he reported the traffic stop to his superiors as required by department policy.

The internal affairs report did sustain allegations of dishonesty against McCranie for denying that he yelled at the trooper. It also sustained allegations of conduct unbecoming an officer for shouting at the trooper and turning his back on the trooper while receiving a citation.

McCranie will begin his new day shift as an officer tomorrow, TPD Spokesman David Northway said.

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