In Memory: TPD Sets Up DUI Checkpoints

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Tallahassee, FL -- March 14, 2012 --

Tallahassee police are cracking down on drunk drivers.

TPD Officers set up three safety checkpoints Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. The patrols are in remembrance of Cammeren Jones, a five-year-old boy who was killed by a drunk driver last year. He would have been seven this upcoming Friday.

Officer Dave Northway, says when a child dies it's devastating to the community.

"It's heart wrenching obviously,and as police officers we see tragedy on a day to day basis but to bring it home with a child," said Northway. "It's horrible because the poor children are defenseless. We as adults have to protect our children."

Officers are looking for impaired drivers, faulty equipment and drivers operating without a license.

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