Tallahassee TSA Observes Moment Of Silence

By: Lanetra Bennett
November 8, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Airports around the country paused Friday to honor the TSA officer killed by a gunman at Los Angeles International Airport.

TSA officers at Tallahassee Regional Airport lined up at the security check point Friday afternoon. At 12:20 eastern standard time, Tallahassee officers paused for 30 seconds to remember 39-year-old Geraldo Hernandez.

Hernandez was killed during the shooting rampage in Terminal 3 at LAX one week ago Friday.

The Assistant Federal Security Director at the Tallahassee Regional Airport, Tom Hickinbotham, says, "We really are kind of one big family. That has a direct impact on everybody. You recognize that in this day in age, someone can take an act of such violence in an airport."

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