Tallahassee Airport Expansion

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By: James Buechele
June 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Tallahassee Regional Airport could soon see some new additions land nearby. Talks of a new hotel, or even a mall might be in the works to draw in more travelers.

The City of Tallahassee is currently exploring what to do with hundreds of acres just west of the runways here at the airport. The plan is to boost economic growth in the area.

It's no secret. The Tallahassee Regional Airport isn't very big. But there could be some big plans in the future.

These are artist renderings of a possible hotel and shopping center for a proposed new airport layout plan.

Marshall Taggart Jr., Deputy Director of Aviation: "We think it's a viable component because people come out to our airport to use commercial aviation and it's an opportunity to really spark economic development here in Tallahassee."

In all, the Tallahassee Regional Airport has about 500 acres to work with behind me. But they have to get approval from the FAA before they move forward.

The plot of land just west of the runways could include a number of things like a travel plaza or a storage facility for planes. If the FAA approves the plan, the airport would look into all of its options.

Marshall Taggart Jr., Deputy Director of Aviation: "We're looking to potentially engage in a third party developer or look for individuals that may want to develop aspects and one of those aspects is a hotel."

Travelers we spoke with say if more people were to fly from the airport because of these changes there might be more options of flights.

As somebody who has family from out of town and I like to travel a good deal it's not always convenient to not have direct flights out of Tallahassee.

Now nothing has been approved and no construction is set.
The FAA will look over the plans and will have an answer in the next 90 days if land can be developed.

After that, the city will look for community input about the projects.
I'm told that if a third party were to develop the hotel or other businesses it won't come at the taxpayers pocket.

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