Tallahassee Becomes A First To Put Braille On Bus Stops

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
October 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee becomes one of the first cities to implement Braille on bus stop signs. Now, other cities are following suit.

StarMetro started placing Braille plates on more than 900 bus stop signs across Leon County. The transit system says it wants the visually impaired to have the same privileges as everyone else. The bus service says now there is equal access to all customers.

"In fact, other jurisdictions such as Houston, Texas have already contacted us to figure out what we did and how can they can apply it to their system," said Brian Waterman, from StarMetro.

StarMetro started putting up the Braille signs Monday.

StarMetro has also lowered the signs with texting codes at bus stops, which allow people to receive text messages with route schedules, from 8 ft. to 4 ft., making it easier to navigate the bus system.

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