Tallahassee Brings Back Appliance Rebate Program

You don't have to look to far when you walk into Mays-Munroe Appliances on Capital Circle Northeast.

There are appliances clearly labeled to show customers they're eligible for the city of Tallahassee's double rebate program.

"Some of the savings are significant, especially with them backing it up to the holiday like that because a lot of our manufacturers have rebates as well," said store sales manager Mike Munroe.

The double rebate program just started.

Munroe says he's already had customers ask about it.

The double rebate program comes on the heels of another one the city had from February through April.

The new program will run until July 14th.

"They wanted to continue the momentum of the program to just kind of extend it a little bit longer," said David Bryne, Tallahassee Director of Energy Services.

Here's how the program works.

Buy a qualifying Energy Star or natural gas appliance.

The rebate will then be credited toward the customer's utility bill.

Examples include a $150 rebate on a refrigerator, up to $900 for a natural gas pool heater.

And up to $1350 for a natural gas water heater.

With lower energy appliances, the city lessens the need to add another power plant, customers save money on the appliance and their utlitity bills and local businesses are getting more customers.

"It's been tremendous," said Munroe. "And if it was like in the spring, it's definitely going to help for our business," he said.

There were over 3-thousand participants in the Spring rebate program.

Participants may request a check if they don't want a utility bill credit.

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