Tallahassee Hosts 16th Annual 'Day of Dialogue'

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Tallahassee, FL -- The city of Tallahassee sponsored its 16th annual "Day of Dialogue" Monday to mark the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

The event at city hall was hosted by motivational speaker Robbie Stokes junior. Stokes graduated from FSU in 2010 and started the "I Talk to Strangers" organization. It encourages safe communication with new people regardless of skin color or social class.

"Meet people, get to know people, share your story, listen to others. So when you become of age, getting jobs, building networks, getting friends, experiencing, living, loving, becomes that much easier," said Stokes during his presentation.

Stokes has travelled around the world for the sole purpose of talking to total strangers and building new friendships with them.

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