Tallahassee Looks To Fill 6 City Leadership Positions

By: Julie Montanaro
November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee City Hall is interview central right now-- as the city looks to fill not one, but six key leadership positions.

At least 20 candidates will be interviewed in the next two weeks as the city manager looks to fill most, if not all, of those jobs by year's end. The City of Tallahassee has big shoes to fill. Right now it is down a police chief, a fire chief, an airport director, a consolidated dispatch director, a human resources manager and an assistant city manager. Interviews for the finalists will be held every day this week.

Raoul Lavin, City of Tallahassee: "We do want to hire the best candidates as quickly as possible, so we are trying to move some of these faster, than routinely." The highest profile search is for a new police chief. Former Chief Dennis Jones abrupty retired in the wake of excessive force claims against officers in a take down caught on tape.

Dale Landry, NAACP President: "When recruiting, in recruitment, retention and as well as promotions, up until the upper echelons"

The city manager interviewed three finalists for fire chief on Tuesday, including TFD's deputy Chief Wes Roberts. We asked the head of the local firefighers union if he had a home field advantage.

Rusty Roberts, Tallahassee Professional Firefighters: "I would never care to guess how Ms. Favors would feel about that... My personal opinion is that I like to shop locally."

The decisions will all be made by City Manager Anita Favors. Altogether the salaries will likely top 700 thousand dollars.

The only interviews open to WCTV cameras will be a citizen review panel interviews for police chief on Friday.

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