Tallahassee Man Testing Google Glass

December 11, 2013
By Julie Montanaro

You can't find Google Glass in stores yet but folks have a chance to try on the wearable computer tonight.

A digital marketing director in Tallahassee is among those testing out the high tech glasses to see what works - and what still needs work. He gave us a glimpse.

Chris Lueking tries to ride his bike to work at least once a week but those aren't sunglasses he's wearing under his helmet that's the new Google Glass.

He can record video of his ride with the tiny camera in front of his right eye.

He says on that tiny screen he can check his email and the latest news on his ride to work.

"It gives me news alerts while they're happening...it gives me the time, i can look up and see the time," Lueking says,

Lueking, the digital director at BowStern Marketing and Communications is one of about 60 people in Florida testing out the wearable computer and giving Google developers his feedback.

"Okay Glass...google W-C-T-V"

We synched up the glass to this android phone so you can see what he can see.

A few verbal commands to get started - and a few nods of the head to scroll.

"Now i'm just looking at the wctv mobile site..."

And Lueking can surf the world wide web. He considers it the ultimate in hands free.

"As a society, we spend a lot of time looking down at that screen...and this is gonna give us an opportunity to look up, look at the world around us, but also get that information that we get from the screen."

I tried it on and tested out the translation feature ...

"Oh my gosh!"

It translated the phrase from Spanish to English right before my eyes.

"...the wish to communicate"

Lueking says it takes a couple days to get used to but he's already amazed by what it can do. People can use it for navigation he says and for fun, though playing a game called Spellista hands free felt really weird and I imagine it looks really weird too.

If you want to try on the google glass for yourself, Chris and his colleagues the at BowStern Marketing and Communication are doing a demonstration tonight at Level 8. It lasts until 730. Everyone is welcome.

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