Tallahassee Out To Become More "Bike Friendly"

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By: Kevin Clark
May 22, 2014 5:30pm

Tallahassee, FL - In an effort to become more cycling-friendly, Tallahassee has added three new bike boxes to its roads.

Officials hit the streets Thursday to educate motorists about these bright green boxes. The new boxes are located along Call Street.

The idea is to stop before the boxes at a red light to leave substantial room for cyclists.

Drivers who stopped before the boxes were rewarded with candy, and those that didn't were let off with a friendly warning.

This won't always be the case, however. Officers say that from now on, the penalty for failing to stop at the boxes is equivalent to a moving violation.

Officials say the city outreach aims to promote bike safety.

"The motorists are very friendly, and they are very receptive to learning," said Misi Tuttle, Tallahassee Department of Communications. "Mostly, what we run into, is that people just don't know, so educating them helps make them feel safer on the road when they're interacting with cyclists."

Tallahassee has always prided itself as a bike-friendly cities.

It was one of the first cities in Florida to introduce the bike boxes back in 2012.

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