Tallahassee Police Department To Be Reviewed

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Tallahassee Police Chief Mike DeLeo asked the Tallahassee Board of Commissioners to approve an outside review of the police department.

The review will cost the department about $75,000.

The board approved the review unanimously, Wednesday.

The Police Executive Research Forum will conduct a review of TPD's critical high risk policies.

"It would review our training and use of force, our field training program that helps develop new officers when they come in and special investigations," Chief DeLeo said.

The Tallahassee Police Department is made up of about 350 officers.

The Chief says he wants to make sure those officers have received and are receiving the proper training.

The review comes after a few TPD involved shootouts.

Two incidents in May left two people dead.

While the review is to mainly go over training and other tactics, commissioners still want to work on preventing those incidents from happening again.

"Those reports are very concerning to me and I hope we can identify the causes," City Commissioner Nancy Miller said.

PERF is a Washington D.C. based independent research forum.

"They're nationally recognized and internationally recognized for what they do. When you want to raise the bar, that's what you want to be measured against. We want people to measure themselves against us in the future so that seems like a logical place to start," Chief DeLeo said.

The money will come from TPD's trust fund. It consists if money seized during crime investigations.

"For those goods to finance this effort is very appropriate to me," Commissioner Miller said.

The review consists of site visits, interviews and research. It's expected to take about three to four months.

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