Tallahassee Police Officer Suspended

July 26, 2013
By Julie Montanaro

A Tallahassee police officer has been suspended for illegally accessing his estranged wife's email account.

An internal affairs report indicated he intended to use the emails against her in a divorce and custody case.

David McKenna was suspended for one month without pay after an internal investigation revealed he and his girlfriend accessed his wife's work email from a home computer.

The internal affairs report indicates there were more than 23-thousand emails and documents downloaded from her email account at the Mag Lab.

It also shows McKenna took copies of some of those to his lawyer because, he told investigators, he thought "there would be stuff in there."

A TPD investigator said McKenna and his girlfriend did not need a password because his wife had previously saved her username and log in on the lap top.

McKenna could have faced felony charges for illegally accessing the email account.

The state attorney's office chose not to prosecute him.

Assistant State Attorney Georgia Cappleman told us the fact that the computer was marital property complicated the case and so did the fact that McKenna asked his attorney if it was okay and she said yes.

"I don't think that was sound legal advice," Cappleman said, "but it was a factor."

A Tallahassee Police spokesman declined an on camera interview.

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