Tallahassee Regional Airport Has A Busy Day

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By: Emily Johnson
January 4, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Today was one of the busiest days the Tallahassee Regional Airport has seen in a long time. They were expecting to have more than 1500 people fly out of the airport throughout the day. The Marching Chiefs were the first to fly out this morning on a B747 that held all 400 plus members of the band and their equipment. "This morning we made sure every one had a good buddy system set up with their friends and we made sure everyone woke up on time," said Daniel Rosman, Marching Chiefs Drum Major.

Once the Marching Chiefs made their way through security it was time for Seminole Boosters and FSU fans to catch their flights. "It's a chance to go to the Rose Bowl, first time ever. First time we've been to California," said Ron Scott, Seminole Booster.

While Seminole fans definitely out numbered the Auburn fans at Tallahassee Regional we did catch up with a War Eagle family from Thomasville. They said they can't wait to be make the trip to California. "It's exciting for us because you know we weren't suppose to be here earlier in the year. We're just thankful to be here and looking forward to a great game actually," said Clark Liles, Auburn Fan.

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