Change of Venue for Tallahassee 5.2 for Boston

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Shannon Colavecchio, Event Organizer, "5.2 at 5 for Boston" Race has posted a change of venue on the event's Facebook page: 5 for Boston

"To every awesome person signed up for Sunday: The good news is, response has been overwhelming! What I thought might draw 40-50 people now is poised to bring hundreds. So we are moving the event to Southwood - same time, same date - to accommodate the large number of people planning to attend. This will be best for traffic safety, parking logistics, and general event success.

The event will start at the Turkey Trot starting point, 4055 Esplanade Way. All questions can be directed to me, . I have updated the event info, and please spread the word! Media that covered the event have been notified and will be sending updates to their readers and viewers as well. Our raffle prizes are piling up, businesses including BagelHeads and Red Eye are donating food and drink, and this will be an amazing afternoon to help the Boston runners/spectators and their families. THANK YOU!"

By: Gina Pitisci

Many people that ran in the Boston Marathon Monday were not able to complete the race due to the explosions, and in the wake, some Tallahassee community members and businesses are coming together for an event this weekend where local runners will cross the finish line in honor of those who couldn't.

"As you go through the finish line you are kind of taking it all in and then all of a sudden, the explosion occurred," Warren Emo, Tallahassee Resident, Boston Marathon Runner, said.

Tallahassee resident, Warren Emo has run the Boston Marathon 10 times and says it's an incredible feeling crossing the finish line.

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for so many people so the feeling of not being able to complete that goal, they must have felt really robbed by all that," Emo said.

Shannon Colavecchio was in disbelief Monday when she heard the news of the Boston bombings and wanted to do something locally to help.

"My friend said most of those runners got stopped at mile 21 and so what if we ran the last 5.2," Shannon Colavecchio, Event Organizer, "5.2 at 5 for Boston" Race, said.

The "5.2 at 5 for Boston" race will take place this Sunday, April 21. Sign up will be at 4:30 p.m. in front of Momo's pizza located at 1410 Market Square.

There is no fee for the race, however, donations will be accepted and everything collected will be donated to the Boston Red Cross.

"You train for months to do an event like this and you are so focused on doing it and then not to be able to finish it is just a huge let down," Alex Steverson, Tallahassee Resident, Boston Marathon Runner, said.

Steverson plans to run the race Sunday in honor of the people that were not able to cross the finish line.

"I think I want to run it because of the people that were there that were injured. It's just such a tragedy that they were there and that was allowed to happen and so I feel like we need to do this to make a statement for those people more than anything else," Steverson said.

Following the race on sunday, people are invited to stick around for a raffle and eat.

A portion of the proceeds from the food sold at momo's will also be donated to the Red Cross.

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Tallahassee, FL - Some Tallahassee runners who participated in the Boston marathon have now made plans to finish the race, so to speak.

Many of the runners were stopped at Mile 21, so they are planning a 5.2 mile run in Tallahassee to finish the race as a community.
The run will be this Sunday.

The route will start at Momo's Pizza in Market Square at 5:00 Sunday afternoon. The course will go through Maclay, Killearn and back. Participants can then eat at Momo's, where the owner will donate a percentage of sales to the Boston Red Cross.

The race is free to run, with donations optional. There will be race bibs handed out featuring the Boston skyline. Participants are welcome to run, jog, or walk, or just show support from the sidelines.

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