Tallahassee Teams Face New Challenges [GALLERY]

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By: Matt Galka
September 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Another football weekend in our area brings a different kind of challenge for our local teams.

FAMU travels to play powerhouse Ohio State, while FSU welcomes FCS school Bethune- Cookman. A lot of this has to do with money. FAMU isn't playing for cheap, and on the flip side, Florida State doesn't want to get shown up at home.

It was take off time friday for the famu football team. The rattlers are flying to ohio state to play the buckeyes. It's a game where vegas thinks they'll get shellacked, they're 49 and a half point underdogs, but the game could be just as important off the field.

Vaugh Wilson, Sports Information Director: "Something that also comes out of these types of games is for our players, it helps us in recruiting, because if a recruit knows that they're going to play on a big stage, they're more than likely to come to us, on the other side our players get exposure to scouts."

A guaranteed 900 thousand dollar pay day doesn't hurt either.

Michael Smith, FAMU Interim Director: "Of course i mean the guaranteed dollars do help us with our athletic budget and so we're real excited for that opportunity that it brings as well."

On the other side, FSU hosts Bethune-Cookman. While the 'Noles hope for an easy "W," it's important to remember smaller schools have toppled the big boys before.

Rob Wilson, Associate Athletics Director:
"From their perspective, you think Appalachian State wants to give back their win over Michigan? It was a great opportunity for those guys that came out and played. Akron could have beaten Michigan just last week, I guess. So there is opportunity for them, and yea... You don't want to be that team, that one hangs on you for a while."

Normally attendance for these games is a little on the lower side, but wilson says they've sold 6,000 additional tickets for Saturday since the FSU opener at Pitt.

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