Tallahassee Teen Sent To Jail For Senior Prank

September 24, 2013
By Julie Montanaro

One of the young men accused in an end-of-school year vandalism spree in Tallahassee will have to spend time in jail for it.

Daniel Ibrahim entered a no contest plea to misdemeanor criminal mischief charges in court this morning.

He was sentenced to 20 days in jail and ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution within 24 hours.

Prosecutors dropped all the felony charges against him and the judge withheld adjudication.

Ibrahim was one of four Lincoln High School seniors arrested in May. They were accused of painting graffitti at six different schools.

Charges against the three other teens - Edmond Adkins, Fidel Ibeneme and Dartanian Roberts - are still pending.

Prosecutor Will Hall told the judge he didn't want to ruin anyone's future, but he wanted to make sure everyone realizes stunts like this will not be tolerated and he hopes next year's senior class takes notice of the consequences.

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