Tallahassee? There (will soon be) an App for That!

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By: Matt Galka

DigiTally is coming soon to the capital city. An app is being developed that the city hopes will streamline how the community connects with different departments.

The app will be available for smart phone and tablet devices, and would allow residents to do things like report power outages, dead animals, potholes and other utility problems.

"There's some young people that probably never sit down on a computer they do everything in their daily lives on a mobile phone or a tablet. Tablets are becoming prevalent throughout society, and we need to be able to provide services to people where they're able to get service," said Jim VanRiper of Tallahassee's Information System Services.

The city hopes there will also be a feature for residents to share what they love about Tallahassee. They plan to roll it out this Spring.

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