Tallahassee Universities Begin Classes

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Tallahassee just got a little more populated. FSU and FAMU students are back in town and today both schools held their first day of classes.

Teresa Arnoldson is a Studio Art, sophomore at FSU. She says her second year back is a lot less stressful than her first day of classes as a freshman.

"I live four hours away from Tallahassee so the first year I was like, 'I really miss my parents and my brothers.' And now it's just like, 'Bye. See you guys at Thanksgiving," Arnoldson said.

For FAMU Freshman Zachary Wilson the day was a little more intimidating.

"I was a little more nervous just for everything. But I've calmed my nerves," he told Eyewitness News.

The Food Science major has big plans for his first semester of college.

"I plan on making new friends, meeting all of my teachers and creating a good relationship with them," Wilson said.

He also has a pretty big goal.

"I hope that I get a 4.0," he said.

Upper classmen shared their advice with for new college students.

"My advice for freshman is stay in school, choose your friends wisely and go to class," Edesthele Decius a FAMU junior said.

"Meet good people and hang out with a good crowd and then it will make your year so much better," Arnoldson said.

FSU enrolled 6,100 freshman this year.

FAMU administrators say the school accepted more than 2,000 freshman but says they will not have a final class number until enrollment ends this week.

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