Tallahassee Woman Fends off Attacker, DNA Leads to Arrest

By Julie Montanaro
February 6, 2013

A Tallahassee woman fought off an attacker and DNA under her fingernails has just led to an arrest.

It happened near the busy corner of High Road and West Tennessee Street back on January 26th.

Arrest papers say the woman was walking and talking on the phone when a man walking the other way pushed her into a ditch and tried to rip her pants off.

She fought back and ran to a nearby store for help. An employee there says it wasn't even 8am - he was getting ready to open up for the day - when he heard the woman screaming.

Arrest papers say DNA on her body and her clothes led to the arrest of 33 year old Richard Cole.

Court papers say in addition to the DNA match, the woman picked Cole out of a photo line up and surveillance cameras at the Capital City Bank across the street captured the confrontation on tape.

"That's crazy, like, I had no idea. I walk down this road all the time and I come up here at night and I never knew it was a danger. So that's awful to hear," said Kylie Thompson as she stopped on her midday run. "I'll definitely watch my back next time and I'll tell my friends too. I just feel horrible for the girl. I'm just glad she got away."

Cole was arrested for attempted sexual battery and kidnapping with the intent to terrorize.

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