Tallahassee Museum Opens Zip Line Tree Adventure

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Tallahassee, FL -- May 23, 2012 --

Open, click, lock and you're ready to go.

I took a walk on the wild side and tried the new zip lining course at the Tallahassee museum. Also known as Tree to tree adventures.

We signed waivers, strapped up, then hit the ropes.

I spent the day with WCTV great Art Myers, together we reached new heights. Literally.

"How do I feel right now, I feel good, but I'm standing on the ground, I'm not 55 feet in the air yet," Art said.

When it was time to climb, I wasn't nervous at all...well maybe a little.

"It's a phenomenal way to get people outside and do something a little bit different," said Lucas Van Sickle, a guide for the course.

"Looking at your face, looking at everyone that's done the course today. We've got a real winner here and it's kinda just music to my ears," said Russell Daws, executive director of the Tallahassee Museum.

It's open to the public, and from personal experience, it's exhilarating.

Just try not to look down when you keep going higher and higher onto the trees.

More details can be found at TallahasseeMuseum.org.

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