Beware: Experts Say Tax Season Prime Time For Identity Theft

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Thomasville, GA- Accountants aren't the only people working overtime during tax season. It's also a busy time for criminals who are looking to steal your identity.

According the University of Georgia, thieves may try to take advantage of this time to phish for your personal information. That means sending fake e-mails, letters in the mail and text messages.

Captain Steve Jones from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office said, "If it's from a reputable company, call that company and say, 'I got an e-mail, is this a scam or is it really you guys?' Don't trust the phone number that comes in the e-mail. Use your phone book or use another source to look up the company."

The IRS says other red flags include:
-You receive a letter from the IRS saying more than one tax return has been filed under your name.
- You get a notice for unpaid taxes on wages you did not earn.
-The IRS lists employers you did not work for.

If you think you are a victim of identity theft, deputies say act fast.

"Contact law enforcement immediately and then contact your financial institution. Both law enforcement and your financial institution will direct you to the credit bureaus where you need to file a fraud report, immediately."

Experts say most importantly, never give out your social security or bank account numbers without knowing 100% that the company is legitimate.

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