TaxWatch Turkeys

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Tallahassee, FL -- April 13, 2012 --

The Florida Taxwatch veto list is wide-ranging. It includes aviation projects, a bus project, and a science and technology building for a community college. Taxwatch defines a turkey worthy of veto something that might be good public policy but didn't go through the proper process.

There are 23 local water projects, totaling 19 million dollars, on the suggested veto list.

The creation of a twelfth state university by splitting off the Lakeland branch campus of the University of South Florida is not on the turkey list. That's because it had all the right hearings, but Taxwatch says it is still bad public policy.

The biggest single item on the recommended veto list is fourteen million for a Public Safety institute. Next was ten million for economic development on the Space coast. Both projects are in the Senate President's district and demonstrate the clout presiding officers can wield.

Last year, Governor Scott set a record when he vetoed over six hundred million dollars in spending. This year he's already said there will be fewer vetoes, in part because lawmakers did a better job of allocating funds.

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