'Team Lean' Program Helps People Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

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Thomasville, GA- For ten weeks, teams of four to five people will help each other shed the pounds and get healthy. It's all part of the YMCA's Team Lean program.

"If you have somebody else that you're held accountable to, rather than just yourself, most people say, 'I don't want to let my team down', so I've got to do really well," said Kim Smith, the Health and Wellness Director for the Thomasville YMCA.

The 2013 program will kick off on January 5th, but participants from previous Team Lean competitions say they're pleased with the results.

"It was very successful," said Emaleigh Parker, a former team member. "I've lost 65 pounds and kept it all off and I feel great; I feel like a different person."

Wayne Parmer is also a former Team Lean participant. "You look better, you feel better about yourself, your esteem is a lot better, you've got more confidence in yourself and I think when people see you glowing, they want that kind of glow, too," he said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28% of adults in Georgia are obese and the state ranks second in the U.S. for childhood obesity. With weekly weigh ins and cash prizes for the team that loses the highest percentage of weight, Team Lean hopes to create lifestyle changes that last beyond the program.

"It's about being healthy," Smith said. "You can be thin and still not be healthy, so that's something we really try to encourage is healthy weight loss, exercising; the more you exercise the better you're gonna feel."

"It gets you in that habit and once you get in that habit, you know, a year from now, you're a completely different person," Parmer added.

For more information or If you're interested in registering for the 2013 Team Lean Program visit: www.ymca-thomasville.org and click on "Team Lean."

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