'Teen Maze' Promotes Positive Decision Making For Local Students

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Moultrie, GA-October 4, 2012

Role playing took on a new meaning Thursday for students at Charlie A. Gray Junior High School in Moultrie.

A new project called "Teen Maze" sent students to different stations, where they drew out pieces of paper, which outlined challenging real-life scenarios.

"If they chose to drink at a party, they'll end up going to jail; if they were to chose to have sex, they may end up being pregnant or going to the STD clinic," said Erica Stallings, the Teen Maze coordinator.

Teens then worked through the problems with trained volunteers to learn the best way to handle them.

"Academics are important, but when children leave on, leave school and go out to the real world, choices are so very important," said Principal William Cason.

Stallings added, "The goal is, that even though they may fail or make a bad decision, that there are organizations here in the community that can help them get back on the right path."

Teens said the STD and pregnancy station were the most shocking.

"It showed you all kinds of different things about when your pregnant and stuff and what you have to go through, and it's just like so horrible," said freshman Diana Hannah.

"It's kind of like an eye-opener, that even a kid like myself, who makes the right choices, one bad choice could ruin your life," said fellow freshman Morgan Hart.

Teens were also rewarded for good-decision making, such as graduating high school.

Teen Maze is a project of the Moultrie-Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee.

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