Teen Violence Prevention Summit Held Today in Tallahassee

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Tallahassee, FL - Helping-Hand2, Inc. is proud to announce the inaugural Teen Violence Prevention Summit to be held October 12, 2012 in Tallahassee, FL from 10:00a.m. until 4:00p.m., in collaboration with AMIKids Inc. Our summit theme is "Together We Stand, Divided We Fall." This year's goal is to reduce teen violence by promoting community togetherness amongst teenagers ages 14-18.

HH2, Inc. will host the Teen Violence Prevention Summit which will target youth from low-income moderate families, who are at risk in participating in teen violence as a product of their environment, socio-economic status, who have in the past had trouble in school or within their community, and are enrolled in a Juvenile Justice program, such as the day treatment program for troubled youth AMIKids Inc. The focus on this conference is to engage youth in the discussion to foster a solution to end teen violence, while also assisting youth in bettering themselves through education, personal/professional development and financial growth.

This year's conference will be hosted by AMIKids Inc., of Tallahassee, FL, who shares our agency's vision of empowering children through community programs, technical support and program innovation. AMIKids Inc., has agreed to open it's doors to students from outside of the AMIKids network in order to promote community togetherness for the first time in agency history.

Students attending this summit will engage with community leaders on the following topics:

· The relationship between school/community safety and academic achievement and the importance of using a partnership approach to improve both climates
· Youth perspective on teen violence prevention, intervention and re-engagement across the developmental continuum.
· Personal development through education, health and wellness and financial planning

Helping-Hand2 is dedicated to increasing the number of students who graduate high school, while working with community leaders to decrease the number of teen violence cases, delinquency and substance use amongst teens. Creating a safe a positive school/community environment for students is critical to meeting these goals, and it takes listening to the voice of the students to do so. According to Helping-Hand2 CEO Mario Richardson: "In order to effectively fix the problem, we must bring those who are a part of the problem to the table for conversation." We trust that this summit will not only raise awareness, but it will give community leaders a starting point to help build their community capacity, start each area on the road to teen violence prevention and provide concrete resources and action steps towards eliminating teen violence.

The summit serves as an opportunity for areas to bring together their resources, enhance their communication, and override turf issues to accomplish a common goal.

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