Tenants Say Mold Complaints Falling On Deaf Ears

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Latoyia Jackson says she's been battling an upper respiratory infection for weeks.

She showed Eyewitness News her medicine.

Jackson has also been in an ongoing battle with her landlord.

She says it all started several months ago when her air conditioner started leaking.

She says multiple attempts to fix it didn't work.

And the result is black mold growing in the closet by her air conditioner and also in her shower.

"I'm very concerned because I've been sick, my other half has been sick, my god baby has been sick from this and nobody's doing anything," Jackson said.

Jackson isn't alone.

Ebony Hannor sent Eyewitness News pictures of what used to be her apartment in the same building where Jackson lives.

Hannor says a water leak in her bathroom led to black mold growing there.

She said she complained to management and was told it would be fixed.

Hannor says her 5 year old daughter Armani has had migraine headaches, a cough and congestion she believes is related to the mold.

"They never thought about me or my daughter, all they thought about was rent money," Hannor said.

When Hannor decided to stop paying that rent until the mold was removed, she was evicted Tuesday, even though she says her lease states the landlord must offer another unit if mold develops.

Meanwhile Jackson is watching her 7 year old nephew Van during the day and says she's done everything she can do to try to get her mold removed.

"It's a very bad health hazard and I really need something done, I really do," she said.

The property manager referred Eyewitness News to her boss.

We've made multiple attempts to contact him and left phone messages since Tuesday.

To date, we have not heard from him.

Meanwhile, Ebony Hannor says she's considering legal action because the landlord failed to follow terms of the lease.

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