That Sinking Feeling At Cascades Park

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There's a more than half million dollar problem for Tallahassee's Cascades Park.

Construction is currently underway to repair a sinkhole on the west side of the park.

A retaining pond there is being drained.

A dirt road is also being built.

Then grout will be injected into the ground to harden it.

Total cost of the project is estimated at $570,000 to be paid with local sales tax money.

"We did not anticipate this occurring, so it is an issue we have to deal with," said Wayne Tedder of Blueprint 2000. "This is a storm water management facility and it has to be fixed, so we have to correct this," he said.

The sinkhole project is expected to take six months to complete.

Once the grouting is done, a clay liner will be installed.

Then the pond will be refilled.

When complete, there will be a walking trail in the area.

The site of the sinkhole project is the former Centennial Field where Florida State played its first football games.

Construction of the rest of the park is expected to be done by the end of the year.

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