The 36th Annual Civil War Re-enactment of Natural Bridge

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
March 4, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-- Shots fired across a battlefield and brave soldiers were behind enemy lines.

The 36th Annual Civil War re-enactment of Natural Bridge in Tallahassee ignites hundreds in attendance.

"It is a good time to spend time with a family member and watch American history that happened here," said Devin Brown, a Spectator at the event.

"You can read about history," said Barbara Hines, an actor at the event. "You can go to lectures, but this is actually living history and It's a different experience and I think it's a more memorable experience."

The beating of the drum began the combat.

The actors used real weapons to create the scene and students came on field trips to see it all take place.

"I liked it on school days on Friday's when you have the kids that come through here," said Melissa Hyatt, an actor at the event. "I think that is important because kids need to learn about war."

After three long days of sleeping in tents, the actors picked up their belongings. The last day of war reenactment was over.

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