The Country Course is Prepped for the Horse Trials

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

March 4, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-- Horses will gallop toward the finish line for the 15TH Annual Red Hills International Horse Trials, on a newly designed course.

The designer has been prepping these courses at the Tallahassee trials for ten years.

"I first find where the best spectator viewing and the best sighting of those feature jumps are going to be," said Hugh Lochore, the Red Hills International Horse Trials Country Course Designer. " Then, we work the rest of the course into that."

The only thing left for organizers to do is to make sure the jumps measure up to competition requirements.

"A lot of the top level riders will be on the same horses they were on last year," said Lochore. "So, they will be coming on the same horses and I want to make sure they have something fresh each year."

The rye grass is treated with special fertilizer during the off season, so it's ready for the Olympic horses.

"The footing is extremely important some of these horses are worth quite a bit of money," said Marvin Mayer, Event Organizer. "They are at the professional international level, so you want to prepare the ground they are going to compete on."

At these trials, a rider's results can receive global recognition.

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