The Great Sine Die Hanky Drop [SLIDE SHOW]

Hanky Drop 2012 Photo courtesy: Florida State Archives
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Tallahassee, FL - The close of each legislative session is marked by a ceremonial 'hanky drop'.

At the close of the session in the House and Senate, the head of each of the chambers-- the Speaker, for the House of Representatives, and the President for the Senate, drop a handkerchief to formally close the session.

In years' past, lawmakers have held the ceremony apart in their own chambers and then met in the middle, to drop the hanky over the seal of the state of Florida. It marks an end to the stress and fret of session and signals to lawmakers that they can head home. It also shows the fun side of session-- one year the cloth morphed into a tablecloth, and this year it's got its own Twitter account! (You can follow the hanky @SineDieHanky)

WCTV will be there tonight to let you hear the cheers as the white cloth hits the floor.

Hanky Drop 2012 Photo courtesy: Florida State Archives

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