The History Behind Tallahassee's Universities Colors

By: Charlene Cristobal
August 29, 2014

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Friday is College Color Day, but do you have any idea where those colors you wear religiously on game days come from?

Most students from FSU and FAMU told us, "No."

Don't worry, because we found out for you. First off, FAMU. The school was founded in 1887 but around 1891, they chose the colors orange and green when FAMU became an agricultural based school.

"The orange is suppose to represent Florida's vibrant citrus industry," said Murell Dawson with the FAMU Black Archives. "And of course, the green because we're a black land grant college represents the agricultural programs and offerings of the University and of the state of Florida."

Over at FSU, the original school colors were actually purple and gold. Once they became the Florida State College of Women, they had to find a way for the women to get involved in intramural sports. So, they had to create two teams to play against each other.

"They were named after the year of their graduations so the odds and evens," said Sandra Verry, an FSU University Archivist. "The odds had the colors of red, white and purple, which was later garnet. And then the evens had the green and yellow which was late gold. Across campus though for college wide programs, they did use garnet and gold."

Several of us were participating in College Color Day too.

So, while you're cheering on your team on Saturday, make sure you let your opponent know just where those colors your sporting came from.

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