'The Real Volleyball Players of FAMU'

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 22, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Move over "Real Housewives" ... there's a new group of reality stars on the rise.

The FAMU Women's Volleyball team is taping a reality show.

It's a part of the athletic department's efforts to create interest in women's athletics on campus and garner more support.

Other creative tactics will be a photo shoot showing the players' softer side. The TV show will document that, as well as the team's preparation for the season.

Volleyball player, Andrea Soriano, says, "I hope they can see actually that besides players, what kind of girls we are, what kind of people we are. We like to have fun and how hard we really work, because we really want to win, we want to represent the school."

The reality show, called, "The Real Volleyball Players of FAMU", will air in three episodes on FAMU TV 20. It will also be available online on FAMU's website and YouTube.

The first episode airs in August. A definite date has not been determined yet.

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