The Search For A New FSU Athletic Director

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By: Lanetra Bennet
June 7, 2013

The FSU Board of Trustees meeting began at 1:00pm this afternoon. During University President Dr. Eric Barron's opening update, he gave trustees the opportunity to express what they would like to see in a new athletics director. The former director, Randy Spetman, has been reassigned to an advisory role.

One of the trustees says she wants to find a new athletics director who is a business CEO, not a former coach. Other trustees say they want someone who will beef up the football schedule with more competitive teams. Other attributes trustees say they're looking for include: having tremendous energy, ability to fundraise, and someone who is well-established and well-respected in the industry.

By: Bailey Myers
June 6, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Florida State Board of Trustees is looking to the future-- and a new Athletic Director.

The group met this evening to discuss the recent changes. Previous Athletic Director Randy Spetman was supposed to present his five year athletic plan to the board, but he's been removed from the job.

FSU President, Eric Barron: "Of having very business oriented people as well as trully athletic oriented people and so... We are just looking for someone who is dynamic who is on top of their game."

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