Shelter Residents, Neighbors Voice Concerns Over New Location

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By: Bailey Myers
September 26, 2013

Tallahassee FL - A big move in the works in Tallahassee means big changes for A homeless shelter. Some residents are worried about The Shelter's move to a new location a few miles away.

One resident of 'The Shelter', "Each and every time that I have fell on hard times the Shelter was there and they helped me bail out."

But with talk about The Shelter making a big move from Tennessee to Pensacola Street-- many are worried. They voiced their concerns Thursday at Grace Mission. Another resident said, "Please if you can do something with self improvement helping others."

Organizers are promising bigger and better things to come saying, "This new facility will be almost twice as big." That includes everything from transportation to and from the shelter, bed bugs solutions, health care services, and work programs. The proposed new facility will cost in excess of four million dollars, which will come from private sponsors.

Although those attending the meeting were sold-- people who would live near the new Pensacola location have mixed feelings. One Pensacola Street resident Lauren Willems explained, "I mean I think that's good to have that in our community I don't know if the location is the best. I guess I would have to know more about it. But I do believe it will be a good opportunity for the homeless people."

James Bravo another Pensacola Street resident, "I mean talk is cheap these days now. I mean once they put it out there okay will this facility help them manage their money."

The proposed location for this new shelter would be located off Pensacola between Goodwill and the Big Bend
homeless Coalition. Organizers hope it would to have it completed by January of 2015.

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