Wakulla Community Center Vote Set for Monday

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By Mike Springer
June 16, 2013

Crawfordville, FL-The goal of having the YMCA run Wakulla's Community Center could move closer to fruition Monday.

The Board of County Commissioners will decide if it's a good for the County. They're voting to possibly ratify a multi-year agreement with the Y. The commission's meeting to ratify the contract starts at 5 p.m.

Under the contract, the Y keeps 75 percent of the rental fees. While 25 percent of all third-party rental fees go to the County. The County also foots the Y's utility bill for the first two years. But the Y pays a higher percentage of the bill as its membership grows.

But not everyone is on board with seeing the Y come to town. Some of the County's gym and fitness center owners say the Y will away their customers and hurt their business.

If the contract is approved, it would make way for the YMCAto in April 2014 or as soon as it sells 350 memberships.
By: Mike Springer
June 3, 2013

Crawfordville, FL-Plans to bring a YMCA to Wakulla County may have to wait at least a few more weeks.

The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously Monday to table its decision to possibly allow the Y to manage the community center.

The County is looking to hire an organization to run the center. But some say turning it over to the Y would hurt local businesses who couldn't compete.

But others say the Y's credentials make it an attractive option.

"They have a lot of experience. They've been in the business of having Y's and having youth programs throughout the country so it's an entity with a proven track record," said Wakulla County Commissioner, Howard Kessler.

If the contract is approved, the Y hopes to open its doors by April 2014 or once it secures 350 members.

The commissioners plan to take up the contract once again at the next board meeting on June 17.
By: Elizabeth Nickerson

May 17, 2013

Crawfordvile, FL-- A YMCA may be making it's way to Wakulla County. Commissioners voted 3 to 2 in having the "Y" take over the county run Community Center.

The empty facility costs taxpayers $24,000 a year to maintain.

Commissioner Ralph Thomas could not give us an exact figure as to how much the renovation would cost, but says letting the 'Y' take over would pull money away from the recreation center and the 4H Department, where children go for after school activities and summer camp.

"It's going to have a negative impact in local businesses that compete in the same market place," said Commissioner Ralph Thomas from Wakulla County. "It is just one thing they can get off their plate and turn over to the YMCA."

Other commissioners just want to spend the money in renovating the building. Some residents feel that the YMCA is much needed in the community, but others just want the money to be spent the right way.

"Just need to be spending our money a little bit more wisely for some other projects that the county could be using right now," said Chuck Turner, a Crawfordville Resident.

Commissioners will meet again in June for a final vote.