Tropical Storm Debby Home Destruction May Be Repaired

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Tropical Storm Debby Struck a lot of homes, back in June.

Now a disaster relief committee is giving a helping hand to victims in dire need.

The World Renew Organization is joining forces with the United Way to give needs assessments to those homes still damaged by the storm.

"As retired people, we are retired from out work, but not retired from life. We are given an opportunity to share Christ love and care around the world," said Ronald Dirkse, The World Renew Disaster Response Team.

The World Renew Disaster Response Team, part of the Christian Reform Church, has brought volunteers all the way from Canada to bring hope to those affected by the storm.

"This mean's a lot to me to live in a community that has such strong basis for help and assistants from groups like World renew that are coming out of area," said Jenn Sawyer part of The United Way of Suwannee Valley.

The Renew Organization and the United Way has joined forces to serve the community.

The recovery period starts this Monday, January fourth and the mission is to conduct needs assessments for homes struck by Debby.

All residents need is there FEMA information.

All Suwannee County residents would meet at the County Sheriff's Office and will pick up a resident form and fill it out.

The Renew team will also go door-to-door for the next two weeks to give a helping hand.

The emergency hot lines:

Suwannee County is (386) 364-3405
Columbia County is (386) 438-8621

Columbia County
LifeStyle Enrichment Center of Lake City
628 SE Allison Court
Lake City, Florida 32025

Suwannee County
617 Ontario Avenue, SW
Suite 200
Live Oak, Florida 32064

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