"The Big Fix" : Documentary About 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

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Tallahassee, Florida -June 22, 2012- 11:54pm

Dave Rauschkolb owns three restaurants in Seaside, Florida. He says his life changed forever on April 20, 2010 when a BP well triggered an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

That explosion killed 11 workers and continued to pump oil into the water for more than 80 days. It devastated lives along the gulf coast and is considered the nation's worst offshore oil spill.

"My businesses lost a lot of business after the oil spill, not only that it took an emotional toll, loving the Gulf of Mexico and living there all my life," said Rauschkolb.

Now more than two years later Rauschkolb is sitting on a panel, talking to a crowd about ending our dependency on oil to prevent this tragedy from happening again.

The group came together at the old Amtrak station in Tallahassee to watch 'The Big Fix'. A documentary explaining how the oil spill has hurt the environment and the people on the coast.

Kim Ross with Rethink Energy, organized the viewing. She says the spill may have happened two years ago but we will continue to see the effects for years to come.

"They say with the Exxon Valdes spill it took about four years for the ecology of the Valdes sound collapse. So we haven't seen anything yet," said Ross.

BP has given millions to help with marketing and tourists are starting to come back.