Elderly Newlywed Couple Reunited with Stolen Dog [SLIDE SHOW]

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Tallahassee, FL - When we last saw Geraldine and Tom Barthlow, things weren't going well.

Their beloved Peekapoo, Honey, was stolen in the beginning of April along with their car in Houston, Texas. The newlywed couple, just married in January, was there for a funeral.

On Tuesday, the Barthlows and Honey had a long overdue reunion.

The couple could barely contain themselves as Honey was dropped off to them at the Tallahassee airport.

An arrest for the theft was made in Houston, but there was no sign of Honey. Then Geraldine got a phone call from a woman in Houston last week claiming to have found Honey. Geraldine wanted proof, so she asked if the woman could put the phone up to Honey so Geraldine could talk to her.

"I said what she do? She said she stood up and wagged her tail!" said Geraldine. "I knew it was Honey!"

Geraldine said this is the happy ending she needed after the worst month in all her 86 years. But she isn't done yet.

"I want to see justice for the man that's sitting in jail, and if I can do anything to help those officers, I'll be right there by their side doing it," she said.

You can bet Honey will be there, too.

Havana, FL - 'Honey' is home, with a little Texas flavor!

'Honey' was stolen from Geraldine and Tom Barthlow of Havana back in early April as the couple traveled with her in Texas.

WCTV had a reporter on-scene for the happy reunion. Tune in for more -sweet as honey-coverage on the reunion, tonight on Eyewitness News.

By: Matt Galka
May 3, 2013

Havana, FL - It looks like a happy ending for a 'Peekapoo' who made a trip to Texas and has had a hard time getting home again!

'Honey' was stolen from Geraldine and Tom Barthlow of Havana, in early April while they were traveling with the pup in Houston, Texas.

Today, WCTV can confirm that a Houston woman has reported finding the dog.

The woman says she has the dog named 'Honey' and recognized the dog from television reports.

The woman is also looking to claim the reward set up by a Houston area attorney.

Right now both sides are figuring out how to get Honey back to the family.

By: Matt Galka
April 12, 2013

Havana, FL - 86 year old Geraldine and 92 year old Tom Barthlow were already having a tough weekend. They were in Houston, TX for the funeral of Tom's brother on April 5th.

The newlywed couple who were just married this past January, had to pick up medications for an infection that caused them to miss the funeral. They brought their beloved dog, Honey, with them to a local CVS, and it's the last time they saw the Peekapoo.

"I wish whoever had her would give her back because I know she misses us. I know she misses us as bad as we miss her," said Geraldine as she was fighting back tears.

Geraldine told Honey that she'd be right back, but when the couple left the CVS, their car and dog were both gone.

"We got her when she was six weeks old, and we had never spent a night apart until we went to Houston," said Geraldine.

Now, with the help of local media in Houston, members of the community are stepping up. A Houston attorney has offered a $1,000 dollar reward for the return of Honey. Flyers have also been placed around the city in hopes of finding the lost pup.

The Harris County, TX sheriff's office has made an arrest in the case. Deputies picked up Brandon Miles Vanwicklen on April 6th, be he hasn't said anything about Honey.

"If we work hard enough or live long enough, we can get another car, but we can't get another Honey," said Geraldine.

According to "The Houston Chronicle, the couple had left a cell phone in the car. When they called, a man picked up and demanded a ransom for Honey. The police arrested a man at the pick-up location, but no information about the dog was given.

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