Thomas County Boy Bitten By Pit Bull

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May 26, 2014 Alicia Turner
May 26, 2014 5:0

Seven year old Jose was Mawled by a Pit bull while playing in his neighbors back yard, Jose says his friend told him to take a step back and he didn’t realize just how close he was to the dog.
Jose’s mother Linda Aguilar expressed her concerns about her son and the fact that nothing had been done in regards to this case.
“It wasn’t a normal attack like a regular dog bite. It was very bad,” He has to go back every day to get them to change the bandages to make sure everything is draining properly. They’ve got over thirty staples in his legs and it’s a lot of pain for him and it’s very sad.
Jose was bitten in the calf area of both of his legs. The dog tore into his tendons and left his bones visible. After the attack the doctors said he may never walk again.
Jose’s brother, Randall Clark, said he’s upset but he is hopeful that something will be done. "It had me upset but really, the only thing I could do was wait and see what could be done about it and nothing has been done. What Jose recalls as the last day of school and an afternoon on the trampoline is a day his family recalls as a vicious accident. All dogs in the yard are chained, but that wasn’t enough to prevent the incident, Jose only had one word to describe how he felt while he was being attacked –numb-. The family say all they want is justice,

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