Thomas County Deputy Arrested for Tipping Off Drug Suspect

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By: Kara Duffy
May 14, 2013

Thomas County, GA- An investigation is underway at the Thomas County Sheriff's Office, however, this time, the subject is one of their own.

"Late April, Sheriff Carlton Powell had requested that we look into some allegations of possibly a deputy letting someone know some confidential information about an investigation," said Agent Steve Turner with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

That deputy was 39-year-old Ronald Haggins, Jr.

"He's been with us for several years," said Captain Steve Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office. "It's a sad situation to know that one of our own would do something like that."

Agent Steve Turner added, "We know that he contacted someone who was about to be arrested in reference to a case involving him."

Investigators aren't releasing exactly how Haggins knew the suspected drug dealer or the details of the case he's accused of leaking information about, only saying that it was in connection to an ongoing drug-trafficking investigation.

"He released some confidential information that he should not have done and because of that we charged him with violation of oath of office as well as obstruction of a law enforcement officer," Turner said.

Both are felony charges. Haggins has since been fired from the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

"It's surprising to us anytime something like this happens," Captain Jones said. "It's a big shock because you don't expect it. We're held to a higher standard and we hold each other to a much higher standard."

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation:

A Thomas County Sheriff's Deputy has been charged with violation of oath by public officer and obstruction of officer.

39-year-old Ronald Haggins Jr. was arrested Friday at the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office.

Haggins reportedly alerted a suspect in a drug deal about law enforcement activities involving the suspected drug dealer.

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