Thomas County Residents Get First Look At Courthouse

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By Greg Gullberg
June 23, 2013

Thomasville, GA - The courthouse is more than 150 years old but it looks brand new.

Folks got to see inside the newly renovated Thomas County Courthouse for the first time Sunday. It's the first renovation since the 1930s and age was taking it's toll.

"The reason we had to do this one over was there were lots of things that were literally falling apart. So we decided we would build this the way it should be built," said Elaine Mays, Thomas County Commission Chairwoman.

"It first opened in 1857. This is the third courthouse on this sight. The first one was a two story log cabin. That lasted about two and a half years. It caught fire and burned down one night," said Lyndal Knight, Construction Project Manager.

County Commissioners and other staff are planning to move in next week and start operations early July. And Commissioners have high hopes for their first meeting on July 9th.

"That people would want to come to our meetings and to see what we are doing. And try to enjoy the beauty of this awesome building," said Chairwoman Mays.

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