UPDATE: Robbery Suspect Turns Himself In

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May 29, 2014 UPDATED
By Alicia Turner
May 29, 6:12pm

"I was praying and I told God that I might meet him and Jesus today and that was okay but please please save my granddaughter." Roberts said.

Those were the only thoughts running through Lydia's Roberts mind as she lay face down on her bedroom floor while being robbed at Gun point. The home invasion happened around noon Wednesday. Lydia said she heard someone rummaging through the house but she thought it was her granddaughter. Deputies from the Thomas County Sheriff’s office responded to Roberts homes. Captain Steven Jones says incidents like these are very rare in Ochlocknee, Ga.
"The suspect fled the residence before we arrived our guys got there cleared the scene of course and we've been following up on leads ever since." Jones said.

Police identified the suspect as Eighteen year old Tyler Henderson. Tyler allegedly kicked in the side door to Lydia's home, where she lives with her eighteen year old grandaughter. She says Tyler told her that he wanted money and that she shouldn't put up a fuss or he would kill whoever was down stairs.

"This home that you see behind me is Vacant becasuse Lydia says she's just not ready to return home." Roberts said.

She says she's always thought of Ochlocknee as a safe place and Tyler has took that away from her.

Roberts said , "In Ochlocknee everybody's really nice I walk to the store talk to people, you know they look out for eachother.

By Julie Montanaro
May 29, 3:45pm

Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesman Steve Jones says, "Shortly after 2:00 PM, Tyler Henderson turned himself in to investigators at the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office. He has been booked in to the jail with no bond at this time. The investigation is on- going."

By Julie Montanaro
May 28, 2014

Thomas County authorities need your help finding an armed robbery suspect.

Sheriff's deputies say 18 year old Tyler Henderson broke into a home outside Ochlocknee, Georgia around noon today.

A woman and her grand-daughter were upstairs and heard someone rummaging around downstairs.

TCSO spokesman Steve Jones says the man ultimately came upstairs and pointed a long gun at the woman and demanded money.

Jones says the woman was on the line with a 911 operator the whole time.

Authorities consider Henderson armed and dangerous.

They say he was wearing a gray jacket with a red bandana over his face.

Anyone with info on the case or Henderson's whereabouts is asked to call the Thomas County Sheriff's Office at 229-225-4151.

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