Thomas County Sheriff's Office Needs Your Help Returning Stolen Jewelry

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By: Emily Johnson
September 4, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Diamonds and costume jewelry put 35-year-old Jason Grizzard behind bars. The Thomas County Sheriff's Office arrested him on August 31st after linking him to multiple thefts in Thomas and surrounding counties.

"It looks like this person may also be responsible for some burglaries in other areas," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson.

The sheriff's office said Grizzard may be responsible for not only stealing the jewelry, but also selling it to local pawn shops in Thomas, Dougherty, Mitchell and Lee County.

Now deputies are asking for help in returning the jewelry to the rightful owners.

"They have been working with pawn shops throughout the region not just here locally trying to identify some of these items and time is kind of of the essence right now," said Captain Jones.

Local pawn shops told us they notify the sheriff's office if they come across pieces that make them suspicious.

"Every item we buy or loan money on it all goes on a print out that goes to the police and sheriff's department, so they know everything that we take in," said Paul Crosby, Pinetree Pawn Manager.

If you've had jewelry stolen from your home in the recent weeks contact the Thomas County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Unit at 229-225-3315.

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