Thomasville Dogs Left For Dead

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Story by: Chris Gros

Thomasville, GA -Two dogs are now fighting for their lives.

Thomas County Humane Society found the dogs last week on the side of Magnolia Road in Thomasville, Georgia.

The first dog was found last Sunday, June 1st. A pit-mix, the dog was found cowering for shade in a bush on the side of the road.

"It was very malnutritioned. It was put out on the side of the road when someone located it, it was under some bushes out of the sun, in the shade and when I approached, all you could see was a skeleton with some little eyes and a tail wagging," said Pat Smith of Thomas County Animal Control.

Another pair of dogs was reported to be wandering Magnolia Road on Friday, June 6th. When Smith responded to the scene only one dog could be rescued. Another pit-mix, this dog suffered from starvation, dehydration but also wounds from dog fighting.

"It was also malnutritioned, and it had been fought. It had lacerations all over the face, the eyes, the chest, the the leg area, the front legs and it was in bad shape," said Smith.

The third dog is still being searched for a long Magnolia Road.

If you have any information about who abandoned these dogs call the Thomas County Humane Society at (229) 228-0613. There is a $ 2,000 reward for any information leading to a conviction.