Thomasville Hosts Cemetery Conference

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By: Kara Duffy
October 9, 2013

Thomasville, GA- If you want to know the history of a town, some folks may say to start at the cemetery.

"There's so many things that come together in our cemeteries and we find that some of our cemeteries probably have better collections than most of our art museums and history museums and there's just so much there from an educational standpoint," said Jerry Flemming, a member of the Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association.

Dozens of people made their way to Thomasville Wednesday for the organization's annual conference.

Their goal is to learn how to preserve these important pieces of history, that define cities across Georgia.

"A lot of places today are made up to be faux historic, so places like Thomasville that preserve their history; in the cemeteries, the buildings, the downtown and in so many other ways, provide a unique experience for visitors and residents alike," said guest speaker Brent Runyon, the Executive Director of Thomasville Landmarks.

Over the next three days the group will tour some of Thomasville's historic hotspots.

They'll spend some time at Pebble Hill Plantation, as well as at the Old Cemetery along Broad street.

"There's a story in each cemetery and it tells you what has gone on, how to incorporate it, where it's at today and I think everyone should know the story of their cemeteries in every city that we have," added Annie Warren, who traveled from Perry, Georgia to be at the conference.

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