Thomasville Law Enforcement Say They Had A Quiet Holiday Weekend

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By:Emily Johnson
July 7, 2014

Thomasville, GA - This year the fourth of July fell on a Friday and the City of Thomasville moved its fireworks celebration to a more central location.

By holding the festivities downtown the Thomasville Police Department said it made the crowds easier to control.

"From a law enforcement standpoint everything went real well, we were able to get our traffic out very smoothly. We were able to get our pedestrians in and out without incident, without anyone getting hurt," said LT. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Spokesperson.

TPD also increased patrols during the holiday weekend and contribute that to a decrease in accidents.

"We were being proactive as far as our patrols so therefore we think that people actually seeing us out and see us visible, that kind of helps us keep our incidents down," said Hampton.

Thomas County Sheriff's Office said they also had a quiet holiday weekend. In all the office said they had 45 calls and only three DUI arrests.

"We had a really good weekend, from what I consider a good weekend. Our call volume was up which is normal for a fourth of July and compared to last year it's about the same volume wise," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson.

TCSO said they didn't have an increase in patrols during the weekend, but said the law enforcement presence in the county also made for a safer fourth of July weekend.

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