Thomasville Man Arrested For Attempting To Kill His Girlfriend

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By:Emily Johnson
September 2, 104

Thomasville, GA - 45-year-old Kirk Willis is now sitting in the Thomas County Jail after being charged with Aggravated Assault after he attempted to kill his girlfriend.

Thomas County Sheriff's Office tell us the incident happen on Saturday in which an argument is what started the altercation.

"He hit her with a mirror which probably was where some of the cuts came from, but also while she was down he actually stood on her neck to the point that she actually passed out," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson.

TCSO told us they arrested Willis Saturday night and found him hiding in a wooded area next to the home on Donna Lane.

"By standing on her neck the way he did until she passed out is aggravated assault which is attempted murder in Georgia," said Captain Jones.

Residents we spoke with said the neighborhood is not safe. Jeffery Taylor who knows Willis and lives down the street from him said he was aware of the incident.

"I mean I like Kirk, he's a good guy he really is, but he has problems," said Taylor.

Taylor says Willis was a frequent visitor to his home.

"He's always coming to my house crying about everything, he didn't want to be this way, he doesn't want to live there anymore and all kind of stuff," said Taylor.

According to jail records Willis has been booked at the Thomas County Jail a total of six times.

Willis was scheduled to be arraigned today. There is no word yet is he received bond or not.

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